FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is browser extension?

160by2.com browser extension is a tool using which you can share web-pages with anyone across India, instantly via SMS. To use the 160by2.com browser extension you need to install it into your browser. Once installed, you can share anything from your browser via FREE SMS.

There are 3 methods through which you can Send SMS via 160by2 - right from your browser:

  • To share an entire page on SMS, just click the icon in your extension bar.
  • To share a particular link - right click and select "Send SMS via 160by2"
  • To share a piece of text, select the text you want to share and then right-click & choose "Send SMS via 160by2"

In each case the link to the page will be automatically appended to your message.

Where can I download this extension from?

The 160by2.com browser extension is available on both Chrome app store & Mozilla Add-ons

Can I use it to share any webpage?

Yes. You can share any page via this browser extension. Since this extension is available on Chrome(by Google) & Firefox (by Mozilla), you will have to visit the page you want to share on either of these browsers. Th page/link you share would be sent as an SMS and the receiver can open that page on his/her mobile device.

Can I share pictures, videos & other multi-media pages too?

Yes, you can share photos, videos, songs and any other media through this extension. The link to the shared media will be sent in the SMS & when the user clicks on that link, the shared media will open in a browser window.

Do I need to have an account with 160by2.com to use this?

Yes, in order to use this extension, you would require an account with 160by2.com - it's free & takes under a minute to get one. Click here to get an account immediately.

Why are there only 100 characters(instead of 140) for message when using this extension?

We reserve some characters for link that is added to every message that is sent via the extension - hence you get only 100 characters for your message.

Can I view the SMS that I've shared using this extension?

Yes, your 'sent SMS' section contains all the items shared by your using the extension.

How do I logout from this extension?

To logout from this extension, either click on the icon located on top right of the extension window OR visit 160by2.com on a new tab in your browser and then logout from the website - you will be logged out of the extension as well.

Need more assistance? Mail us at browser@160by2.com